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Sprays And Strips: The Fight Against Snoring

Few things can ruin a good night’s sleep like snoring. It’s loud, it’s obnoxious, and it can leave both you and your partner feeling awful the next morning. Luckily, it’s also completely fixable. No one has to suffer through nights and nights of endless snoring. There are a number of remedies, from the simple to the surgical and if one of them doesn’t fix your problem, one of the others will.

We’ll start with the simple and work our way up. Honestly, the simplest, safest, and dare I say best way to stop snoring is to improve your lifestyle. Drinking, smoking, and exposing yourself to allergens before bed are some of the most surefire ways to cause snoring. However, eliminating them is often simple and always better for your health. If you don’t think any of these are the culprits, you may want to try sleeping on your side instead of your back. It’s sometimes difficult to alter the way you fall asleep, especially if you have a hard time falling asleep in the first place, but it can help. And though no one likes to hear it, losing a few pounds could also be your answer. Extra weight can restrict the airway and cause you to snore.

While lifestyle changes are the best way to go, sometimes they aren’t enough. You might need an outside influence. Of these, acupressure anti-snoring rings are the safest because they’re free of any chemical or herb that might make your situation worse. If you don’t like acupressure, however, there are plenty of over the counter medicines you can try. Check out the pharmacy aisle of your favorite grocery store. You’ll find sprays, strips, and tablets that dissolve under your tongue. They’ll probably be somewhere between the allergy medicines and the nasal sprays.

If lifestyle changes aren’t for you and the sprays and strips don’t seem to be working, there are still a number of other options available. Oral appliances, like the ones you see on TV fit in the mouth to adjust the position of your jaw and (hopefully) stop the snoring. Like the acupressure anti-snoring rings, these mouthpieces are chemical free, but somewhat more uncomfortable. Then, if you don’t mind the constant whirring of a machine by your bed, there are pressurized masks. These are often used more for the symptoms of sleep apnea than simple snoring. Otherwise, it’s much like trading one noise for another.

If your snoring is a serious problem and nothing else seems to work, you can always talk to your doctor about the possibility of surgery. There are simple palatal implants, where polyester filament is injected into your soft palate and more invasive surgery, where the offending tissue is actually tightened or cut away.

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