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How To Remove Stretch Marks Fast - Top 10 Methods!

When stretch marks first appear they are purple or red in color and then fade slowly to white. How to remove stretch marks fast involves treating them early, once they turn white they are harder to treat in an effective manner.

1. Lose Weight to Lose Stretch Marks - Stretch marks can be reduced or even eliminated by reducing the body and skin to its original size. This works well for women who have gained a lot of weight during pregnancy. How to get rid of stretch marks fast is to drop body weight back down to where it was.

2. Improve Stretch Marks with Massage - The technique of massage increases blood flow and circulation and combined with the pressure used can aid in breaking down scar tissue from stretch marks.

3. Cover Stretch Marks with a Tan - How to remove marks fast is to get out in the sun and get a tan. Stretch mark scars will turn brown at approximately the same rate that the rest of the skin does so that the stretch marks will be much less visible on the skin. Use a sunscreen with a high protection factor so the skin does not get damaged while tanning.

4. Stretch Mark Exfoliation - Use a natural exfoliating oil such as tea tree oil to exfoliate the skin each day and apply it with a sponge or brush that is mildly abrasive. This will abrade the built up scar tissue in the stretch marks and get rid of it so that healthy new skin can appear.

5. Remove Stretch Marks with Vapor Rub - A lot of people have successfully used Vic's Vapor Rub to remove their stretch mark scars. It should applied in a vigorous manner with a mildly abrasive applicator once a day for a few weeks.

6. Fade Stretch Marks with Vitamin E - The natural skin repairer vitamin E will help to fade stretch marks if applied topically in a liquid form each day.

7. Stretch Mark Removal with Vitamins - A multivitamin supplement that includes vitamins E, C and A will keep the skin supple so that it can repair stretch marks more effectively.

8. Lotions for Stretch Marks - There are numerous kinds of holistic and natural creams and lotions that are helpful in getting rid of stretch marks. A well known folk remedy is cocoa butter. Other useful things that can help to fade stretch marks are Shea butter, castor oil, emu oil, jojoba oil, rose hip oil and aloe vera.

9. Scars Fade Over Time - Yes, it's true. It takes a long time, but it does happen. So just be patient

10. Cosmetics to Cover Stretch Marks - Stretch marks can be covered up on a temporary basis by using makeup.

By: Sean Saunders

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