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Know How To Stay Healthy During Old Age

Individuals are more vulnerable to various kinds of health issues during old age. The vitality of the body and mind tends to decrease slowly with growing age. Further, lack of interest for staying healthy is also an important factor that makes old people stay away from a healthy lifestyle.

However, it is very much important to maintain a good health at old age to lead a safe, healthy and extended life. This article discusses about few tips on how to stay healthy during old age.

Good food and weight control:
Intake of proper diet is essential for people of all ages. Elderly people are recommended to include low-fat dietary food, fruits and vegetables, fibrous diet in their daily routine. Negligence in having the right food is the main reason that promotes various kinds of serious health issues.

Adding up extra weight is the initiating factor for unhealthy situations at old age. Rise in cholesterol levels followed by increase in blood pressure, risk of heart stroke and diabetes are the consequences of the added weight. Good food that assures weight control should be taken during old age.

Physical and mental exercise:
The functioning of brain and body slows down during old age. Further, the retirement and freedom from other responsibilities makes the elderly simply sit at home spending time in front of television or a computer. With no regular movement, they lack physical activity. Therefore going for a walk or a jog early in the morning and in evenings promotes your physical exercise. Choosing an enjoyable physical activity like cycling or swimming boosts your physical and mental status. Engaging in certain mental exercises like meditation will improve your mental health.

Recreational activities:
Fun or recreational activities are not only for kids and youth. Even older adults should involve in recreational activities. It is the best way to spend time actively instead of sitting idle. At the same time, it gives you a chance to divert yourself from various health or family issues and stay mentally active. Interesting hobbies like gardening or chess should be inculcated to relax, enjoy and weed yourself out from stress or depression. Arranging family gatherings or going for an outing with friends at instances is also needed.

Personal safety:
One of the most important things you need to take care of is your personal safety. Whether dependent or independent, it is necessary to ensure your own safety. Include necessary medications and other important aids such as inhalers, BP checking machines, etc., in your checklist when going out. Take help from your family members if necessary.

Stay away from unhealthy habits/harmful substances:
Unhealthy habits like substance abuse, smoking and drinking are the primary things to be avoided at any stage of life, particularly at older ages. Habitual use of such harmful substances poses a serious threat to your health. At old age, your body may not resist the effects of these harmful habits.

Since the recovering power at these stages is very low, there is no other better option than staying healthy to avoid health related risks. Hence, a daily routine with healthy living practices ensures a peaceful and long life.

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