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5 Motivators That Will Help You Succeed

This time of the year people tend to think about what they have accomplished in the last year and what they would like plan for the year ahead. Many times people feel bad that they never reached their original target. There are many plans people make, but a very common one is to lose some body fat. Most people seem to think that they are a bit overweight need to lose some extra pounds while getting healthy in the process.

In measuring themselves, people are inclined to be harsher than necessary. People often equate themselves to others, which can be distorted by their perceptions. How they live, how their bodies burn calories, and family traits all affect the accuracy of the comparison between individuals. If you are reassessing your fitness goals and want them to be realized, this article will give you the background to keep you focused. Below is the top 5 points that supported my motivation when I was searching to lose weight while exercising. Let’s get down to it.

The 5 Key Points

Here is the list of things that kept me motivated while realizing my weight loss goals. Please note that these are not in any ranking order.

1. Keep a daily journal – The reason this one is so powerful is that it shows you the results as you get them. Included in your notebook would be the information of your training:
a. Which drills were done
b. Length of time for each
c. How much weight included in each exercise
d. When you exercised
e. Record your thoughts and emotions
f. Record the food eaten for the day. This will show which food helps you to have more or less energy for your routines.

2. Have goals – I can't state how important this one is. Discovering what you want will help you to clarify what changes are needed. It is important to write down your goals as re-reading them is a great reminder of what you want to accomplish. Many times people make the same error when setting objectives. They put the objective out of their mind, then later have to create the whole thing over when they remember their original desire. Stating your purpose will keep you going.

3. Ask a friend to workout with you. This way you can decide your schedule in advance. If I did not have one, I would be coming up with every excuse in the book to skip my workout. There are a hundred reasons we can use for not following through. If you know that someone else is counting on you to help them as well, you will be a lot less likely to cancel.

4. Discuss your goals with others. The more people that will hold you responsible, the more incentive there will be. Describe the new ways to lose weight by exercising strategy you will be using. These people you talk to will more than likely inquire about your progress the next time you run into each other. Nobody wants to think of themselves as failures so being held accountable is very powerful.

5. Reward yourself – I like this one because too many people get stuck in the rutt of making their workouts something very negative. We tend to listen to our own complaints of ‘it’s too difficult’ or ‘there’s so much to do’. Incorporating your workouts everyday will improve your life and will become something you anticipate. Your anticipation of gaining your preset rewards can keep you moving! What motivates us may be different from what motivates others. A night at the theatre or a sweet treat, are a few examples. Payment of the prize would be given if you finished each workout for the weekly period. In the end, whatever inspires you is what you would use as the prize.

So we discussed my top 5 list for keeping motivated before, during and after your workouts. Following these will improve your chance at success and gain the health you have been wanting. These tips will put you on the path to lose weight while exercising. Now you have the information, take action and follow through. Good luck!

By: Kevin G Shaw

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