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Gain Muscle Lose Fat

From the beginning of human being, every man wanted to have a well built and muscular body to prove their ability in front of the others. It was never been easy to have it before. We always really think about how to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time. Gain muscle and lose fat are two entirely different kinds of job for a human body. Actually few years earlier it was thought that it was totally impossible. But thanks to these advance science, that make it happen and show the way of this criteria with lots of hope. This will be discussed after a while.

It will be really surprising to know that everyone have a well build muscle in their body. But the problem is that muscle is hidden under beneath the body fat, which the body carries without our wish. So the main task is rediscovering these muscles from the extra fat. So there has two ways to make it possible. One way is to lose extra fat from our body and another way is to build muscles. But you should know that these processes are really opposite to each other, because, if you consider to gain one pound muscle per week, you need to consume at least 2500 calories and on the other hand if you want to lose one pound of fat, you need to consume 3500 calories per week. So you see it is a huge amount of calories you need to consume per day. And it is not possible at all. So here the science comes to help us and give a well proven solution.

Scientist research said that if you consume about 4000 calories and exercise about one hour a day, then it is very possible that you lose about only half a pound fat and gain six pounds muscle in two months time. At the same time if you consume just about 2000 calories and exercise the same one hour a day, then you will gain only two and a half pounds of muscle and will lose seven pounds of fat. This is enough for a conclusion.

So you get the right direction where to go. Keep an eye on information from specialized on its niche website, subscribe for newsletters which help you to make a routine and choose an appropriate diet for better result. Diet must contain a lot of fruits, vegetables and rich of proteins and minerals. This is main rule. You also must drink a lot of water. This is another very important rule. Get motivated, follow the chosen routine. With these criteria, I can assure you that you will be successful at the end.

By: O.Goldwin

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