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With Stevia Diabetes Is Supported

A highly beneficial supplement, with the inclusion of stevia diabetes can be controlled. Stevia activates cells resulting in the utilization of insulin thereby reducing the level of blood glucose. This seems totally unbelievable but it is absolutely true. The addition of this natural sweetener helps reduce the blood sugar levels resulting in a control over diabetes.

Other benefits associated with the use of stevia are that this sweetener helps prevent obesity and control the blood pressure of an individual. This makes this natural sweetener extremely well received in many countries like Japan. In these countries stevia has been used for more than a couple of centuries, which eliminates any negative claims regarding the safety of this sweetener.

The health benefits that this sweetener provides have accelerated its use in many commercially available food products. However their use is restricted to outside America as the FDA allows its use as a dietary supplement but not as a food additive.

The stringent stand of the FDA is because of a study conducted many years ago that claimed that the use of stevia on rats caused mutations. This led to the belief that the use of stevia could lead to cancer. This claim has, however, been refuted by studies conducted by WHO which has stated that the there is no evidence that the consumption of stevia could cause harm.

Stevia is obtained from the plant with the same name. The leaf of this plant is extremely sweet to taste and this is the reason why this sweetener is 300 times sweeter than sugar. A bitter after taste is the only drawback associated with this sweetener but this is effectively masked by the clever use of flavouring agents.

The numerous benefits that this sweetener is loaded with should accelerate its use among diabetics as well as among non-diabetics. This sweetener is available in the form of a powder in many stores across the country. It can be purchased in the pure form or mixed with rice flour, depending on the taste that one prefers.

The amazing sweetening property and the health benefits that are provided by stevia make this sweetener one of the best in the industry. Therefore it can be stated with confidence that with the use of stevia diabetes has been immensely supported.

By: Betty L. Dawson

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