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The Way To Be Stronger

Steroids are technically known as AAS or anabolic-androgen steroids, it is a man made substance which is related to the male sex hormones. AAS makes people stronger once it is absorbed by the body resulting in an unfair advantage because of its effects on performance and the bigger body physique which can be the result of its use, as a result some bodybuilders tend to use them in order to achieve a physique that looks so big and strong, even though the use of it is not always safe because of its possible side effects.

Using steroids are banned in all of the major sporting bodies because it is one form of cheating because of its results once it is used by an athlete; it can result to sudden unexpected or surprising performance by an athlete who was relatively weaker in the past. The illegal use of steroids of some athletes have made headlines in the past and resulted in investigations as well as debates, major sports organizations have been stricter since, further tightening their wellness programs in some sports that had a crackdown on the use of these illegal substances. Changes in strength as well as body physique can be easily and obviously be noticed so suspecting an athlete to be an AAS user is always easy; it could not be proven by simply looking at them but unless tests are made. Steroids for sale could be found in the black market in which they are smuggled or counterfeited as it is illegal to sell them publicly. Steroids for sale are not good for the health as it is not sold under the supervision of a physician. Most steroids for sale are acquired by those who want to have a more beautiful physique and performance.

Once a person uses steroids their bodies and size would be bigger as a formation of new muscle fibers would occur further increasing the user’s performance abilities, AAS increases protein synthesis which results in the buildup of more cellular tissue especially those in the muscles. AAS always have a negative effect on the body and of course the person who uses it. A person who muscles it may have an increase in blood pressure and increase in bad cholesterol. The risks for having cardiovascular or coronary arterial diseases would increase because of its abusive use. Abusive use of AAS could immediately result to sudden death of a user as well as psychiatric effects in which the user would be enraged because of its unnecessary use.

By: Cedric Loiselle

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