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Natural Acne Treatments That Actually Work

When you use a natural acne treatment you are apt to get good results in the fight against acne; which should not endanger your skin and be easy on your pocketbook as well. If you try something and it does not work for you; there are other possibilities. The key is to discover which of the treatments works for you individually; then you will be prepared for an outbreak when it happens.

Tea Tree Oil (melaleuca alternifolia), which is of Australian origin, is very effective in treating conditions like acne. This is one of the strongest of the Essential Oils when it comes to the treatment of acne. It is also used to remove warts, and verrucas, and effectively eliminates bacteria, viruses, and fungi. After washing your face, you can apply the tea tree oil to the affected areas. Some people find, however, that tea tree oil irritates their skin, so you may want to dilute it with water before applying it to your skin. Keep doing the Tea Tree Oil treatment for about six weeks, as there is no quick fix for acne. Tea Tree Oil will effectively clean your skin of the bacteria responsible for your acne and keep it that way.

Many people decide that spending a lot of time in the sun - or in a tanning salon - will clear up their acne. This is not true. The common misperception is that the sun's rays will dry out the acne and, therefore, clear it up. If you overexpose your skin in the sun, your skin can become irritated and this will lead to future acne. The same is true for tanning lamps. Don't stay out of the sun completely. You need sunshine for your health and well-being. Just don't expose your acne to hours and hours of sunbathing. Don't forget the sunscreen when you do venture out into the sunshine. This will keep your acne from becoming infected further.

Sometimes an esthetician is the best person to ask for help treating your acne. These individuals aren't doctors but they go through extensive training to learn what is best for each skin type. In addition to giving you some good treatments during your visit, they will often tell you which products are best for using on your skin when you are on your own. Estheticians are often employed by spas so do some checking around and see who your friends might recommend. These are individuals who will help you take better care of your skin in general and they might have some really helpful suggestions for clearing up your acne.

A lot of people with an acne condition will run to their local pharmacist or dermatologist looking for a cure; however, natural acne treatments can give results that are just as successful as traditional treatments. Most natural/home remedies and treatments for acne are not expensive and you can easily locate them at many local stores. So, there is no reason not to apply them to your case of acne. Acne can affect your lifestyle and outlook on life. Nevertheless, it can be controlled and successfully treated if you just have patience and persevere in finding the correct solution.

By: Jason Reid

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