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What Is Health?

Too often, too many people take their health for granted and assume that it will be there to serve them well for years to come. Health is more than the body performing at the top level it was designed to and is more than the absence of illnesses. Maintaining your body and overall health will take patience and perseverance and is as much a task as losing weight and getting fit. lifestyle that will include foods changes that will always include the absolute best and keeping our physical conditioning in tip top shape in various ways.

Looking for a healthy lifestyle that will bring health and well being is what we all should be striving toward. However we also need to be aware that some prohibiting factors like genetics and environment related will try to stop our efforts. It is also a sad fact that 100% health is unattainable because other circumstances at play. Health care professionals are redirecting their efforts towards educating us to optimize 100% of our body and mind functions that we have to work with and have control over. This will require stringent lifestyle changes and choices on the part of the individual to achieve healthier results.

Let us discuss in detail what keeping fit should really mean. Too often we only think that keeping fit only means being physically fit and toned. Being totally fit includes vision and dental health. It also includes other equally parts of us that make us a complete whole like being emotionally fit, mentally fit and spiritually fit. All of these are as important as being bodily fit and will reflect on the overall status of our state of health.

Many are the individuals that daily pursue good health and well being. They are more than aware that the absence of disease is as important as the absence of die-ease. Having a body that is toned, well tuned, flexible and functioning well above average is your best defense against a myriad of situations that will test your mental and physical bounds for extended time periods and will include people that are not extreme health fanatics.

Balance is the key to keeping health and well being all in perspective. Health honors as aspects of life, especially a healthy one, but will also include many fun times and activities with loved ones often. The good times make for excellent smile able moments that make getting and staying healthy all the more important. Health that is good and balanced will serve you well throughout the rest of your life and will make a place for the special moments worth remembering.

By: Ethan Kalvin

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