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Depression - What Is Depression?

Today let us find out what is depression all about.

We need to understand the fact that no everyone is happy all of the time, every one of us gets the blues and it actually depends on how are we facing it when problems appear to us.

Different people perceive depression differently, especially between someone who is negative and someone who is positive.

People who suffer from clinical depression will usually have the thoughts of despair and emptiness but if worst, they might have the intention to commit suicide. It happens when they are facing serious problems to maintain a relationship or failure in career. It is a serious illness.

Clinical depression occurs when the person are severely depressed for a long period of time. It is basically useless to share with them how lucky they are with that they are having compare to others who are worse, they will not listen to any words or advice that we trying to comfort them.

A person who suffers from depress is not interested in doing anything, they maybe spend all time sleeping or not sleep at all, their emotion is just unstable. This will potentially lead to abuse drugs and alcohol.

It is important for the parents to take care of them carefully and bring them to doctor for professional advice.

In short, depression has different forms and each individual take it differently. Most of us will deal with depression somehow, at least once in our lives. However, we just need to stay positive and accept thing with an open mind.

By: Vannas Lee

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