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Keeping Warm And Healthy In The Winter

When it comes to taking care of yourself it is very important realize that you need to do certain things to make sure that you get through the winter without becoming down and out for several weeks. A lot of people think that by getting themselves a flu shot early on that they are ensuring that they will stay healthy throughout the duration of the winter months, however the flu shot does not really guarantee good health as a matter of fact those that obtain a flu shot many times will still become ill during the winter months except not with the same strain of flu that they have been vaccinated for. In order to understand this men and women need to realize that there are multiple strains of flu and that the flu vaccine only protects against the most common and prevalent strain at the time.

Those who have immune deficiency problems should most definitely make sure that they get the flu vaccine, however, there are some things that everyone should do to help them stay healthy throughout the winter months. By far one of the biggest factors to keeping in good health is making sure that you get enough rest. Rest is key to keeping down stress and up immunity. Those who sleep 8-10 hours per night, every night, will have a higher resistance to the changes in temperature and to those illnesses that will be bouncing around all winter long.

Eating right and taking a couple of supplements can really help since along with the winter months, tend to come the holidays. During the holidays men and women tend to eat what they want and pay little attention to getting the kind of nutrition that they need in order to stay healthy. Of course, there are many ways in which a person can keep their resistance up but proper nutrition and extra vitamin C can go a long way in warding off winter illnesses.

Keeping clean is another way to help ensure that you catch anything that is floating around. If you work in a setting where you deal with the public on a regular basis then it is more likely that you are going to be exposed to a range of different illnesses and that if you aren't careful you could spend a majority of your winter months under the weather. Even if you deal with the general public, if you have children you are likely to find that they will bring home a wide variety of illnesses as well. One thing is for certain, schools are riddled with germs and diseases. Cleaning your environment such as door knobs and surfaces and making sure that hand washing and bathing occur on a regular basis, will help to reduce the spread of winter illnesses.

The winter can be a time filled of fun and celebration. With a little bit of extra work you will find that you can not only have an enjoyable winter but a healthy one as well.

By: Ethan C Kalvin

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