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How To Reverse Hair Loss

A thinning hair line can become a problem when it seems that no matter what you do you cannot stop your hair from falling out. When you start having hair problems you tend to become more self conscious and you start thinking that other’s opinion about you will change. The hair loss issue simply don’t appear out of nowhere, most of the time we can blame it on our genes. There are many hair car products that can help you regain control on this process however, they cannot help you regain your thicker hair. So here are some things that you should take into account when you want to reverse the hair loss process.

One of the main causes of hair loss is the lack of enough blood-flow to the hair line. This is caused by the shrinking of the capillaries and the scalp muscle tension. The most simple solution that you can take advantage of it to invert your body posture. Sit on your bed and let the upper part of your body hang towards the floor with your hands touching the ground. Try to maintain this position for a few minutes and repeat as often as you can.

Nutrition is also very important when you are interested in stopping your hair loss problems. Changing the way we eat is one of the most difficult things that we will have to do. Nonetheless, when our daily habits include eating fatty, oily food then you can be sure that some of the hair loss problems are coming from here. You should start eating more lean meat, take vitamins and drink more water. Feed your body everything it needs to grow beautiful hair.

The esoteric aspect of your body structure has many effects on your hair, your face, your entire aspect. The Chinese call it Yin and Yang. The Yang is usually associated with hotness and fire and Yin is cool and calm. Our hair is Yin. This means that if your have more Yang energy and you like eating meat and nuts then you are disrupting the balance of energy in your body. You should start eating more vegetables like cucumber, celery, tomatoes, tofu, avocado and so on. When you have no idea how you can eat all these vegetables then you should simply buy a blender. This way you can create some wonderful smoothies that will help increase the vitamin intake.

Make sure that you cut out all toxic substances from your life such as tobacco, alcohol and stress. Without them you will surely start feeling a lot better and your hair problems will disappear little by little.

By: JacquelineBrewster

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