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Home Therapies That Were Proven To Work

Nobody really likes to visit the doctor. There tend to be long waits in the waiting room then in the examination room. Not only are the co-pays a pain in the you-know-what, but working with a doctor who can't remember your name or history without considering your chart isn't exactly heartwarming. That said, there's no actual substitute for a doctor's advice when you need to make major medical decisions. If you're trying to figure out what to do in relation to a major illness, it is incredibly important that you talk to a doctor. If the challenge is not critical or is very small, there are most likely a bunch of solutions already in your house. Keep reading to find out more about a number of the most popular and most successful home remedies that you can use to feel better.

When you are feeling queasy or sick to your stomach, try eating a little bit of ginger. There are all kinds of a sick stomach that can be reduced by having some ginger: motion sickness, morning sickenss and even sometimes the nausea that is felt by cancer patients after they undergo chemotherapy. If you do not have easy access to organic ginger root, you can take ginger root capsules. The 250 mg ginger root capsules are usually what get recommended the most often for people who have a hard time affording regular ginger root.

Do you regularly experience amplified blood pressure levels. A few bites of chocolate as well as some time spent listening to music could do the trick. Dark chocolate is especially full of antioxidants and these can be really helpful in lowering a person's blood pressure because those antioxidants can expand your blood vessels which will allow the blood to pass a lot more freely through your system. The ideal sort of music is something that has a relaxed tonal quality and repeats itself. You can help yourself even more by breathing deeply out of your stomach. An ounce of chocolate in addition to ten minutes of slower recurring music (like Celtic music, Indian music or maybe Classical music) can do wonders for your health and your emotions.

Women who have problems with menstrual cramps might be aided quite a bit by putting some warmth onto your lower back or your abdomen. The old wive's tale involving "use a hot water bottle or a heating pad" is actually something that works! If you don't have the time to lie around having a heating pad, you can buy the heated adhesive patches. These patches stay heated for up to eight hours and also medical studies have proven that they are just as effective as taking medicine like ibuprofen for pain (without your having to worry about the alter effects pain meds can have on your system).

Aroma therapy is good for stress. Studies have proven that linalool, a floral scented composite, is able to do quite a bit to quell stress levels. So, if you're feeling stressed out, try taking some time to smell some fresh new citrus fruit (oranges, lemons, mangoes and grapes) or some basil or lavender. This will probably be a lot more economical than taking a trip to your doctor.

Obviously, none of this advice is meant to take the place of advice given to you by your medical professional and if any of these problems are happening to you regularly, a visit to the doctor's office should be put on your to-do list. For smaller sized troubles, however, now and then those great home remedies actually get the job done!

By: Ross Mayer

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