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Can Foods Make Your Sinuses Better?

Most of us don't even think about our sinuses until something goes wrong with them or they start to get clogged. Clogged sinuses can be incredibly painful and make an already miserable flu even harder to deal with. Most of us try to cure our sinus issues with steam or drugs but the truth is that what we consume can also have an effect on these tiny passageways in our faces. So how does food enable you to deal with your sinuses well? Keep reading to understand the different affects that foods might have on your sinus passageways.

When your sinuses are having issues you'll want to stay clear of milk and other kinds of dairy products. Dairy products easily induce the manufacturing of mucous and phlegm. This stuff will make its way into your sinus passageways and keep them from draining properly and also cause major blockages. These sorts of blockages will breed different types of bacteria whose only goals will be to keep you sick. This is usually why dairy products must be avoided when you experience a chest coldthe phlegm builds up in your throat making your cough worse than it has to be.

Some folks believe that eating spicy foods, for instance horseradish, wasabi and other spices can be a great help when they suffer from sinus problems. To be sure this can easily thin out the mucous inside your sinuses and will be likely to give you a wicked runny nose and some temporary relief. If you suffer from other issues like heartburn or acid reflux, spicy foods aren't going to help you--in fact, they can make the problem worse because, sometimes, the regurgitated acid will be able to work its way up from your throat and into your sinuses and could cause some seriously bad problems for you.

It is not advisable to consume alcohol when you're having problems with your sinuses. Alcohol dehydrates your whole body and helps to harden the mucous along with phlegm that is all the way through your body (especially in your sinuses). This makes it almost impossible for your sinuses to drain when you're sick so, even though some alcohol may help you sleep through your illness, it could also be prolonging it. Tea, though, may be enormously helpful. A mug of hot tea, while putting off the steam that can help split up sinus clogs, also has other healing properties that will help cure the illness, though it depends on what kind of tea you choose to drink.

Caffeine is a no-no. You could possibly be tempted to exchange a cup of coffee for tea or hot water. You shouldnt do that. Caffeine dehydrates your system just like alcohol does so that shows that while you drink (or eat) it, you will have a harder time healing your sinuses and the rest of your body too.

Obviously you'll want to talk with your doctor about this because everybodys body reacts differently to things. What succeeds for some might not work for you so if your sinus issues are long lasting you should definitely talk to your doctor.

By: Matt Holmes

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