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How To Gain Muscle Mass More Quickly

Do you want to gain muscle mass? If so, you should learn that the secret to success is to be consistent with your endeavors. You must raise your intake of calories, which is a significant factor in gaining weight and putting on muscle. Everyone is aware that you gain weight when your body can not burn all the calories. Another component of building muscle is weight training. It stimulates your muscles and encourages development.

The more efficient means to gain muscle mass is by blending weight training and proper eating. If you neglect to consume the correct foods during weight training, you could end up losing muscle instead of building it. Be certain you take in plenty of carbohydrates, essential fats, and proteins. You can use supplements to help your body adjust to your new diet. Some body builders add meal replacement shakes, powders, and protein bars to raise their caloric intake. It takes 3600 calories to equal one pound so for faster gaining, you must feed your body an extra 500 calories each day. Keep in mind not all foods are suggested for weight training, such as processed foods and junk food.

You should do the right exercises as well. The most beneficial types of exercises for building muscle are resistance exercises. A majority of your workout should revolve around using free weights rather than machines. You must stimulate as many muscles as possible for the best results. Your body will be more fatigued doing squats or presses than working on the machines but your strength will improve faster.

If you opt to use the machines, you should use them to isolate certain areas and only after you have finished all multi-joint exercises. A novice should start with a restricted number of exercises on machines and free weights. Your form needs to be correct before increasing the weight. Here are a few suggested exercises for building muscle mass: bench presses for working the upper body and triceps, overhead presses that work the shoulders and triceps, squats that target the legs, bar dips for upper body, and dead lifts for legs, back, and shoulders.

If you want to gain muscle mass, you should train with heavy weights. You will know the weight is heavy enough if you can only finish four to eight repetitions. Your weight is too light if you do fifteen reps with no muscle fatigue. The heavy weights encourage growth of muscle fibers.

Keep in mind to take a rest at least every other day. Weight training can be hard on the body and your muscles need to recuperate. If you feel any dizziness or sudden pain, stop right away. Patience and consistency will give you the results you want faster.

By: Russell Strider

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