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Home Remedies To Battle Dandruff, Do We Need It?

Dandruff is hated by many people. Well, imagine you have the white flakes of dead scalp cell on your shoulder, or spots of white on your hair, those around you will likely shy away from you. Besides, dandruff issue is usually caused by scalp issue and this issue will also cause bad itch on the head. We will normally feel very uncomfortable with the itch, constantly resisting the urge to scratch our head especially in the public. Hence our ability to focus will be affected in the process which may indirectly affect both our family as well as our professional life.

There are many options to treat dandruff. One of the usual method is certainly the anti dandruff shampoos. There are lots of different dandruff shampoos in the market, some made from natural ingredient while others are crafted from various chemical. Some are much stronger while others are mild. The challenge with us is to find one that is adequately strong to manage our dandruff issue without causing bad damage to our hair in the process.

Aside from the shampoos, there are also a number of home remedies. Most of these are wisdom passed from the older generation after they have discovered their effectiveness. Some of these treatments are using the hot oil (olive oil), egg, baked soda and even vinegar. These have been proven to be effective to a certain extent and help in reducing the irritation. However, to apply these treatments, one may have to go through some of the mess as well as discomfort. For instance, for the hot oil treatment, one would have to leave the oil on the head over night so that the nutrient can be effectively absorbed by the scalp. This can be a real discomfort. Whereas for the vinegar and the baking soda treatment, the time needed to keep them on the head before rinsing off is much shorter. We may then ask ourselves why we need these treatments. Aren’t the shampoos adequate?

Well, certainly the shampoos are good and effective. However, some of these shampoos may actually damage the hair or the scalp permanently. Besides, they may not have provided the scalp the needed vitamin or nutrient to continue to maintain or grow a healthy full of hair. Home treatments, on the other hand, are based on pure natural element with the right nutrients for your scalp. They are definitely not damaging to the scalp and will help to groom the hair healthily.

We should then treasure this wisdom from the old and apply some of these treatments to complement the shampoos. We may, in the process, attain a gorgeous, deep colored, healthy and strong hair on our head.

By: Vince Jason

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