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What To Eat Before A Workout

Men & women bank on workouts for their fitness & weight loss. The workouts become more effective in case you take the right diet. There are different diets prescribed as per pre & post workout. Also the timings & quantity of the food vary as per your workout. Now what works best for workout, that is, what to eat before a workout - proteins or carbs?

Women who consume a breakfast of skimmed milk, muesli, and yogurt tend to burn 50 percent more fat during exercise compared to people who eat breakfast that are rich in carbohydrates, such as white bread and cornflakes, that can make sugar in the blood rise to the roof. Keep in mind that foods found in the low-glycemic menu is helpful to burning fat.

The body doesn't want to go through that kind of starvation and survival mode again. If you haven't eaten in 3 hours or more, weather you are hungry or not, your body is starving. And if you then exercise in this mode, it is going to go into survival. In survival mode, rather than burning fat, it holds on to it. Do this enough and your body becomes very efficient at holding on to fat and making more of it! YUK!

Water is essential to your workout routine, before, after and during your exercise. It's absolutely essential that you give your body the hydration it needs. Without drinking enough water, you could end up dehydrating in the middle of your workout. Your body will hold on to moisture and you may experience some water weight gain. In short, you're more likely to be disappointed in the results of your workouts if you don't drink enough water

Fat burning is one of the main goals of exercising. You may not realize that weight loss does not just consist of fat loss - you can lose muscle mass as well if you don't diet and exercise properly. If you eat properly before a workout, you can minimize the amount of muscle that is burned. After all, fat is what you want to lose - not muscle. You can run the risk of losing muscle mass if you exercise on an empty stomach. Avoid this by fueling your body accordingly.

The body's blood sugar level is at its lowest in the morning before eating, therefore doing your workout at this time will force the body to use its fat reserves for energy. The body will then continue to burn fat for some time after the workout, for how long would depend on many things, like your metabolism, your type of workout etc, but be assured it will continue to burn fat for a good time, how awesome is that!

Carbohydrates along with fluids are the most important nutrients for refueling. A high glycemic index carb like fruit juice or a soft drink, bread with jam, helps in refueling much faster. Combining protein with carbs ca assist in repairing muscle tear and also build new muscle proteins. Which is why porridge, soymilk, wheat products are excellent for a post workout meal" Shiny adds.

Before working out it is important to eat something light. By light, I mean, you should avoid a large, protein, fiber and fat filled meal as it takes up to 4 hour to process such food. You should eat a light low-fat, low-sugar, low-protein, high carbohydrate meal. Carbohydrates will give you much needed fuel for efficient work out. Trust me, you'll work out better and burn all of them. Eat proteins, your body will need to spend energy for processing food, you'll workout won't be as intense.

Drink a full 8oz glass of water before you workout. If you're working out to your maximum you're going to sweat. So hydrate your body before you workout to help your body release fats and oils through your skin.It is OK to eat some carbs that with give you a burst of energy to push you through your workout.

By: Carine Taleen

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